PronkRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks

PronkRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our dogs:

* NJK Red Hot Line Arziki Ayanda Amara 'Arziki' (imp UA) (Female)
* Saimon's Praide Arcane Power of Beauty 'Diwara' (imp RU) (Female)
* Leeurif Jukeba Mshangao Inzalo 'Inzalo' (imp GR) (Male)

In memoriam:
* Multi CH Vizara Jukati 'Jukati' († 08-09-2016) (Male)

* Kuona Fahari Cheleza Nangi 'Nangi' (Female)
*'Tari' (Female)

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Our dogsPosted by PronkRidge Tue, March 06, 2018 22:55:23

Leeurif Jukeba Mshangao Inzalo "Inzalo" (10-11-2017)

(Inzalo means in Zulu: offspring)

Sire: Multi CH Vizara Jukati
Dam: Multi CH Leeurif Seba

14 Months (January 2019)

8 weeks (January 2018)


NewsPosted by PronkRidge Tue, March 06, 2018 22:45:07
Our new pronkie has arrived!
Leeurif Jukeba Mshangao Inzalo enjoyed Pronkies family. Son of our beloved Jukati.
Our dream came true!
Special thanks to Emmanouela and Harry who have bring this adventure to a succesful end!


NewsPosted by PronkRidge Mon, September 19, 2016 20:40:55
Goodbye my dear dear friend. Our best pal ever. We are devastated but grateful for 13,5 wonderful amazing happy special years together.....

Multi CH, Vizara JUKATI. *18-03-2003 †08-09-2016
Your pawprints will be forever in our hearts Pronkies' home feels so so empty.........
Special thanks to his breeders Mariette and Rens Trappel (VIZARA Rhodesian Ridgebacks) for our special boy smiley he will never be forgotten........

Pronkies' playday

GalleryPosted by PronkRidge Sun, September 21, 2014 20:11:19
# Jukati (11) # Arziki (5) # Diwara (3)


LinksPosted by PronkRidge Tue, July 08, 2014 12:47:00

# Jukati's breeder

# Arziki's breeder
Red Hot Line

# Diwara's breeder
Saimon*s Praide

# Diwara's sire

# Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders:

Inanda Mellberg kennels (SA)

# Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland

RR Pedigree search

Shownews Diwara

NewsPosted by PronkRidge Tue, June 17, 2014 13:23:26
Diwara ( 2 years old has entered the CAC jachthondenshow Papendal (Netherlands) and gained 4th place excellent in open class out of 8! Very proud of my little dragon!!
Judge Mr M Lapasaar (EE)

Diwara's results HD/ED & DM

NewsPosted by PronkRidge Sun, April 27, 2014 15:24:42
Diwara's results:

X-rays ED & HD:

DM bloodtest:


Diwara @ Coursingtraining

GalleryPosted by PronkRidge Sun, April 06, 2014 16:54:58

Jukati's 11th birthday!

NewsPosted by PronkRidge Fri, March 21, 2014 12:22:54
18 March 20014
Jukati & his sister Jinga celebrated their 11th birthday!
Both are healthy and in a good shape!!


NewsPosted by PronkRidge Sun, March 09, 2014 21:20:52
Diwara (2,5 years old) gained res CAC day 1 and CAC/CACIB/BOS day 2 @ INT dogshow Douai (Fr) Thanks to judges: Mr N Deschuymere (B) and Mr GB Tabo

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